Language Oriented

General Language Instruction

In addition to business – oriented Chinese language instruction, the Confucius Institute will also provide general language instruction. Our initial course offerings in this category will include basic courses in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

General Language Instruction for the Business Community

Our informal research shows that within the business community, apart from the section of the population that needs short – term or expedited training in Chinese language and culture, there is also a sizable part of the community that wishes to learn Chinese on a normal pace. This part of the population may not have an immediate business need for Chinese language and culture, but they either anticipate such a need in the future or are genuinely interested in learning about Chinese language and culture.

General Language Instruction for the General Public

There is a steady increasing interest in Chinese language and culture in the general public. This section of the population will provide a steady student source for the general language instruction at our Confucius Institute.

Language Instruction through Collaboration with Other Universities in Metro Atlanta

There are 16 colleges and universities in metro Atlanta, with a student population over a hundred thousand. Unfortunately, these colleges, with the exception of the few large research institutions, are not in a position to offer Chinese classes for lack of appropriate resources. Interest in Chinese at these colleges, however, is high. Through this intercollegiate collaboration, our Confucius Institute will be able to meet the needs of this student population. In addition, we will also be in a position to provide information about study abroad opportunities in China.