Culture Oriented

To Organize Various Activities That Promote Chinese Culture

In addition to aforementioned business-oriented language instruction and cultural activities, our Confucius Institute will also organize various activities to promote the Chinese culture that target the general public. We are fully aware that such activities are a big focus area for most Confucius Institutes and that the two other Confucius Institutes in our area will obviously organize many such events. For this reason, we will focus on two special considerations for our cultural events. One is that we will work with these two Confucius Institutes and avoid activities that will be redundant with their events. The other is that we will focus more on the international scope of such events to increase their influence.


Our Confucius Institute will utilize the strengths of many programs in Georgia State University’s School of Music and offer concerts that feature Chinese works of music. We will also invite Chinese musicians to perform on our campus. Georgia State University has two professional concert venues, and we plan to take advantage of them in furthering the mission of our Confucius Institute.

Art Exhibits

Periodically, we will invite Chinese artists to showcase their works of art, such as paintings, calligraphy, and sculptures. We will work with our School of Art and Design and our Center for Collaborative and International Arts to hold exhibits at the Welch Gallery on campus.

Media Arts Festival

GSU has a Center for International Media, and the Confucius Institute is in a good position to work with this center as well as the Digital Art and Entertainment Laboratory to showcase various forms of media art.

Film Festivals

Appropriate film festivals will be held, most likely once a year, to feature those Chinese films that best reflect our culture. Chinese films have always been the favorite art form for many Americans.