Business Oriented

To Provide Targeted, Business – Oriented Chinese Language and Culture Instruction

Business-oriented Chinese language and culture instruction will be the main focus of our operations. Our target clientele includes businesses, organizations, and community groups in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Southeast that have business relations with China. Many of these businesses are already engaged in business dealings with China while many others are hoping to develop such relationships. Every year, a number of delegations composed of governors, legislators, local mayors, and business representatives visit China. The majority of these delegation members have limited knowledge about the Chinese culture in general, let alone local cultures or the spoken language. However, many of these people are eager to learn the language or to learn about the culture, especially the business culture. Unfortunately, our research indicates no universities or any other entities offer any courses in Chinese language or culture that are targeted at the business community. Our research of other Confucius Institutes in the U.S. also indicates that although business Chinese is mentioned in a few Confucius Institute’s services, in-depth course offerings in this area are still very much a niche waiting to be filled.

Based on such an assessment, our proposed Confucius Institute will offer the following services for both American and Chinese business communities:

Business Oriented Language Instruction

These Chinese courses will begin with everyday Chinese but will increasingly and gradually incorporate business Chinese into the curriculum. We will offer such courses at different (such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced) levels based on students’ actual needs. Instructors will utilize various pedagogical modes such as simulated communication scenarios, oral business presentations, and business writing.

Short Courses on Chinese Business Culture in English

Based on student needs, we will invite experts in Chinese studies both in and outside our university to offer these short-term courses. These courses will have specific themes, such as Chinese culture in general, Chinese local cultures, Chinese law, Chinese business law, Chinese history, contract negotiations in China, business etiquette, cross-cultural communication, business risk assessment, etc. These courses will typically last one to several weeks, depending on the specific theme of the course. Given that students would like have difficulty understanding such lectures in Chinese, these courses will be delivered in English. We have a strong team of faculty engaged in various fields of study related to Chinese, and they will provide a solid faculty base for such courses for the Confucius Institute.


In addition to the short courses, we will also offer more condensed workshops, often several hours to a day, for those students who will not be able to enroll in our regular courses.


These seminars will have the service of experts in Chinese studies, business executives experienced in business transactions with China, government officials, etc., who will offer their respective perspectives on particular topics and issues of interest. Such seminars will typically run for half a day to one day, depending on specific needs.

Crash Courses

These will be short-term courses specifically designed for a particular business or delegation that has imminent business trips to China and needs special expedited training in particular areas. Depending on the particular locale they will visit in China, the course will focus on the cultural customs, laws and regulations of this particular area while also offering language instruction. We envision such courses to be generally one to three weeks.

Exchanges between Business Groups

Confucius Institute will actively promote exchange activities between Chinese and American business groups by providing relevant information and facilitating communication. We envision our Confucius Institute to be ultimately a resource center for such groups.

Courses on American Culture Offered for Chinese Business Groups

In our communication with various business groups in Atlanta, many expressed their wish for us to provide relevant training in American culture for those Chinese businesses visiting the U.S. and seeking business development opportunities in America. Many such Chinese businesses, as they noted, have very limited knowledge about the American culture and the American business community and often operate blindly on Chinese business principles, which has resulted in many failed ventures. The local business community hope that by providing training, lectures, workshops, or seminars our Confucius Institute will be able to better educate these Chinese business, thus increasing their chance of success in the U.S. We plan to take advantage of the many experts that Georgia State University has in the areas of American culture and business and to provide these Chinese business groups with the knowledge about American laws and cultures necessary for successful business endeavors in the U.S.

Consulting Services about American and Chinese Cultures

Confucius Institute will become a resource center for both Chinese and American businesses and provide consulting services regarding the general and business cultures of both countries. We hope to provide a platform for communication and collaboration among the business community between the two countries.

Annual Conventions on Business Chinese

Based on our extensive relationship with the local business community, we plan to hold annual conventions on business-oriented Chinese language and culture. We will invite businesses to sponsor such conventions and name such conventions after the sponsoring business. This, we believe, will be a unique and influential event that will help us effectively promote business-oriented Chinese language and culture.