Study Abroad in China Workshops

Posted On April 26, 2016
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Study Abroad in China Workshops

In an effort to support the Georgia State University Study Abroad Programs to China, the Confucius Institute created and hosted three separate Study Abroad in China Workshops for students traveling in the summer.  During the workshop, students were introduced to many different aspects of living and studying in China to make their trip a more enjoyable experience.  Students learned how to barter when shopping, participated in an activity recreating a crowded metro, and many other things to do and see, and things to be aware of and potentially avoid.


为支持佐治亚州立大学国际交流项目部的中国交换生计划,孔子学院精心为参加今年暑假交换项目的学生组织开展了三场中国交换项目专题讨论会。探讨会为学生们介绍了包含 衣食住行和学习在内的方方面面经验和技巧,为学生们精彩纷呈的中国之旅做好了铺垫。通过此次研讨会,学生们学习了如何在中国砍价,并以有趣的活动形式在教室内模拟了拥挤的地铁环境。此外,学生们也从不同的角度了解到了可以在中国体验到的事和需要注意以及避免的事项。