Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations at GSU

Posted On November 3, 2015
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With this year’s Mid-autumn Festival approaching, Georgia State University Confucius Institute ran a daylong activity to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 5th Anniversary of the Confucius Institute on September 25th, 2015. Students and staff of the Confucius Institute gathered at the Dahlberg Hall lobby to celebrate the Chinese traditional holiday, Mid-autumn Festival.


Volunteer teachers were telling legends of Hou Yi shooting the sun and Chang’e flying to the moon.

Georgia State University Confucius Institute prepared boards with information about the moon cakes, the legends of Mid-Autumn Festival, and provided moon cakes for students. All students had a chance to know the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival, taste the moon cake, get a Chinese name, and practice their Chinese names with a Chinese brush. Besides, each student participating the activities on the social media websites had an opportunity to win a gift card. Local student Bo Forehand, who had attended the Confucius Institute Summer Camp to China, showed a great interest of the legends of Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese traditional festivals. With guidance from a teacher, Bo wrote down his name with a Chinese brush. Holding his own calligraphy work, Bo expressed his wishes to explore China and experience the colorful Chinese culture.


Bo Forehand wrote his Chinese name with a writing brush.


Students showed their passion about Mid-Autumn Festival.


The activity also attracted Peta2 to attend, which is acknowledged as the world’s largest youth animal rights non-profit organization.

The festivity attracted around fifty local students who enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Festival activities and appreciated the colorful Chinese culture. As a beginning, the Georgia State University Confucius Institute is going to hold series of National Holiday Activities in the future, providing more opportunities for American students to know about Chinese culture.