China’s National Holiday at GSU

Posted On November 3, 2015
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To celebrate China’s National Holiday, the Confucius Institute at GSU held activities on Library Plaza On Oct.2, 2015.

One of the activities is getting a Chinese name and learning how to write it. Students walking by could get their Chinese name written or learn to write Chinese characters themselves.


GSU students Makayla is practicing her Chinese name

Also, in order to express their wishes to China, students drew the national flag of China and learned about the meanings behind it. What’s more, our CI workers have told the story of China’s National Holiday and the history of People’s Republic of China to GSU students.


CI workers is telling the stories behind National Holiday


The wishing board filled with national flags and Chinese names

By the time when our activities finished, different Chinese names and national flags have filled our wishing board. Chinese ornaments were given as free gifts to students taking part in this activity. Also, CI workers prepared moon cakes for GSU students to celebrate the passing Mid-autumn festival. Meanwhile, flyers about CI courses, Study Abroad program and Conversation series hold by OII were sending out.

This activity was successful and promoted mutual understandings between youngsters of two countries. Through these activities, people have had the chance to know more about China and Chinese culture.