5th Anniversary of the Confucius Institute at GSU Open House

Posted On November 3, 2015
Categories 2015, Chinese Culture, News

On Thursday October 15th, the Georgia State University Confucius Institute celebrated their 5-year anniversary at the school by hosting an open house in their offices and classrooms.  Throughout the day, guests arrived to receive tours of the spaces, drink traditional Chinese tea and eat common snacks, learn about upcoming programming for the Institute, and receive their Chinese name from the calligraphy presentation.


Different members of the GSU faculty and staff visited, as well as multiple students and some Atlanta community members.  The Confucius Institute proudly showcased their expansive office, culture and language resource libraries, conference and classrooms, while also answering any questions the 60 guests had.


It was a wonderful highlight of the Institute, raising its visibility on campus and the larger Atlanta community.