Chinese Language instruction is one of our main tasks. Despite our business orientation, offering general Chinese classes is still one of our main focus areas. We offered two different kinds of Chinese courses, credit and non-credit.

Credit Courses

Helping build a Chinese program at GSU is one of the main tasks of our institute. Credit courses target students at GSU. In this initial stage of building a Chinese program at GSU, our institute takes advantage of our strong faculty resources and offer multi-level, high-quality Chinese courses to meet the current demand. At the same time, we offered non-credit courses to satisfy the needs of the community.

Non-Credit Courses

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At the same time, we also offered non-credit courses. These courses range from elementary Chinese to advanced Chinese. We have also offered culture courses and have developed plans to offer courses that target the business community.


Non-Credit Chinese Courses in Confucius Institute at GSU (2014 Fall Semester)

  • Time: Sep 29, 2014-Nov 21, 2014
  • Registration Information
  • Contact Confucius Institute: Phone: 404-413-5298; Email:
  • Fees: $80(All Included) for GSU students and non-GSU students. For all the students, take the second and following courses 50% off.
  • Minimum: 5 people.
  • Student responsible for materials.

Course Schedule

Non-Credit Chinese Courses Schedule(Sep.29-Nov.21)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1:00pm-1:50pm  Calligraphy (W. Li & Z. Chen)  Learning Chinese Through Films  (Y. Li & J. Wang) Intermediate Chinese (W. Li & Z. Chen)   Elementary Chinese(J. Yao & J. Wang)  
2:00pm- 2:50pm Elementary Chinese  (Y. Li & Z. Chen) Business Chinese (R. Wang)  Advanced Chinese  (X. Li)  Intro to Chinese Culture(J. Yao & J. Wang)  
3:00-3:50 Inter-Cultural Communication*    (Z. Chen)   Classroom Management*(J. Wang) Integrating Culture into Language Teaching*(J. Wang) Pedagogical Theories*  (Z. Chen)   

* Instructor approval required for registration.

Course Descriptions

For true beginners, to have a good command of Chinese basic phonetics knowledge, vocabularies and grammars; to gain Chinese daily-use expressions and to master 150 basic and useful Chinese characters.
For Chinese beginners who have already learned Pinyin and can read about 150 Chinese characters; to develop basic communication skills in modern spoken Chinese,  and the skills of reading and writing; to master 300 words related to daily life.
To master 450 words related to daily life; to use more complex grammatical structures and sentence patterns to communicate on familiar topics through interaction and description; to demonstrate confidence and interest in learning the Chinese language.
To master 600 common Chinese characters (ideograms) toward proficiency; to master 1200 words related to society, daily life, work-place and campus life; to produce more correct sentences on familiar topics in description, explanation or comparison.
To learn Chinese phonetics, basic Chinese grammar, simple Chinese characters, over 300 commonly used business Chinese words; to use appropriate commonly-used expressions for commercial activities, such as greetings, introduction, meeting, price negotiation, appointment making, business dinners and so on.
For those who want to learn  Chinese and Chinese culture through Chinese songs, this course teaches  different kinds of Chinese songs, especially the classical and popular music songs, such as  national folk music, pop music and children’s rhyme, etc. With English translation and Chinese Pinyin for easy learning, students become quickly addicted to Chinese music, and to the variety and depth of Chinese culture.
For those who want to learn  Chinese and Chinese culture through Chinese Calligraphy, this course will teach you how to write Chinese Calligraphy. Through Chinese Calligraphy class, you will not only learn how to write Chinese characters in a  way of painting, but also obtain the rich contents in Calligraphy, including the evolution of writing styles, development and rules of technique, history of calligraphy, etc. You will be immersed in your own Chinese Calligraphy which is a work of art after the completion of this course.