The Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute is an organization aimed at promoting Chinese language and culture around the world. It is sponsored by the Chinese Language Council International and is often jointly established by a university outside China in partnership with a Chinese university. There are more than 50 Confucius Institutes in the U.S. and close to 300 around the world.

The Confucius Institute at GSU

The Confucius Institute at Georgia State University is committed to promoting Chinese language and culture in the U.S., especially in Georgia and the southeast U.S. As the first business-oriented Confucius Institute in the U.S., the Confucius Institute at Georgia State seeks to take advantage of Atlanta’s strategic location as the center of business activities in the U.S. southeast in providing comprehensive services in Chinese language and culture to the business community as well as the general public of metro Atlanta and Georgia and in promoting educational, cultural, and trade and business relations between China and the U.S. We strive to become a one-of-a-kind resource center in teaching, research, and business consulting related to Chinese language and culture. The CI at GSU was named the 2012 “Confucius Institute of the Year.”

Serving Businesses, Organizations and  the General Community

The Confucius Institute at GSU offers a variety of programs and activities:

Business-Oriented Programs

  • Business Chinese courses (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)
  • Workshops, seminars, and crash courses on specialized topics related to culture, law, politics, etc.
  • Business conventions that bring together Chinese and American businesses
  • Consulting services on China-related topics
  • Courses and workshops on American culture for Chinese businesses
  • Exchange between Chinese and American businesses

Cultural Events


  • Music performances
  • Art, calligraphy, and sculpture exhibits
  • Film festivals
  • Heritage preservation activities
  • International arts and culture festival
  • Faculty exchange and collaboration
  • Study abroad in China

General Chinese Instruction

  • General Chinese courses (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)
  • Chinese history courses
  • Chinese literature courses


For more information, please contact 404/413-5298 or ci@gsu.edu, or visit ci.gsu.edu.